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It's a private tour

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3 hours

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Entrance fee to The Borghese Gallery

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An experience away from standard ‘ordinary’ tours.

Only licenced guides, both fun and experienced.

The tour is private and fully customisable.

Tickets reservations.

Sights visited: The Borghese Gallery (the museum), Villa Borghese (the gardens).

Meeting point: a central location in Rome.

Note Well

The tour is not available on Monday, December 25, January 1.

Admission fees. A full fare ticket - 11€. Reduced tickets (6,50€) are available for EU citizens aged 18-25. The tickets to the museum are free (with 2,00€ mandatory service charge) for children under the age of 18.


t the beginning of the 17th century, Cardinal Camillo Borghese became Pope Paul V and gifted his nephew, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, acres of land just outside the ancient Roman walls. Scipione Borghese saw this as the perfect place to construct a residence for his only real passion – his works of art. He was an unscrupulous art collector. Under the protection of his powerful uncle, he never hesitated to make use of flattery or threats to get pieces for his collection.

This is where the story of the “queen of all private art collections in the world” begins. In 1899 the Rothschilds wanted it, but fortunately an agreement was never reached, and three years later the Italian state would buy the residence, the collection, and the gardens. The gardens are now a public park, loved by both Romans and tourists alike, whilst the residence with its art collection was transformed into a museum that in no time became the most visited art gallery in Rome.

During the tour

Visit one of the most beautiful art galleries in the world – the Borghese Gallery. Enjoy the perfect harmony between the architecture of this sumptuous residence and the priceless works of art, in part coming from the superb collection of Cardinal Borghese. Feel the indescribable atmosphere that makes this place so unique. It comes from the quiet of the gardens that surround the gallery, the charm of the past residents (Cardinal Borghese, Paolina Bonaparte, the sister of Napoleon), but above all from the value of the artists and their masterpieces (Titian, Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio Canova, Dosso Dossi, Rubens, Domenichini).

Tour the Borghese Gardens, the most famous Roman Villa that contains an enormous artistic heritage. Apart from Borghese Gallery, it boasts 3 other museums, fountains and statues, lakes, temples and numerous historical buildings. Your tour will end at the Pincio Terrace, one of the most picturesque and romantic places in Rome, offering a breathtaking view of Piazza del Popolo and the city. During your stay in Rome you will have a lot of great photo opportunities, but believe us, this one will undoubtedly be the best.

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The tour must be booked at least 48 hours prior to the tour date. For last minute bookings, please, contact us first!

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The tour is not available on Monday, December 25 and January 1!

People in your party. The price of the tour is intended for maximum 6 people. If there are more people in your group, please, contact us before booking the tour! 

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