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It's a private tour

Tour duration

8 hours

Number of persons


Tour price

1-3 persons - 590€

4-8 persons - 640€

Additional costs

Entrance fee to the visited sights

Train tickets

Highlights and what's included

An experience away from standard ‘ordinary’ tours.

Only licenced guides, both fun and experienced.

The tour is private and fully customisable.

Sights visited: Civita di Bagnoreggio, Il Parco Dei Mostri (Monster Park) of Bomarzo

A visit to a local cantina and wine tasting

Meeting point: a central location in Rome.

Note Well

It's a day trip from Rome.

Admission fees. Monster Park: a full fare ticket - 10€, no reduced tickets are available. Civita di Bagnoreggio: a full fare ticket - 1,50€, children under 14 y.o. - free. A train ticket Rome - Orte - Rome - 10€, children under 4 y.o. - free.

This tour begins and ends at Orte, 30 minutes from Rome by train. We will meet you at the station and the tour will continue by private car. We do this to help reduce the cost, but a transfer by train is also much quicker than a transfer by road. If you would prefer a private car for the whole tour starting in Rome please ask, we’d be happy to arrange it.


tour that offers the opportunity to taste wine and see monsters in the same trip, now that’s unique!

During our day we’ll visit Il Parco Dei Mostri, the monumental ‘Monster Park’, also known as the forest of wonders. This expansive, lush green park is home to giant dragons, snakes and lions with three heads; killer whales with gaping mouths, elephants, gods, heroes and some rather disturbing figures. But have no fear, they’re all gigantic sculptures carved from rock, not the real thing.

Moving on to a rock of another kind. The tiny Etruscan hilltop village of Civita di Bagnoreggio was founded two and a half thousand years ago, and is today a most precious and protected site after being painstakingly reinforced. We will visit a village that sits on a huge rock plateau, an island in the sky, which was abandoned at the end of the 17th century following an earthquake. This UNESCO protected site is particularly special. Walk around this incredible village and admire the views before we travel on to witness another of its delights - delicious wine.

We visit a local cantina where families have tended the farmland and vineyards for centuries. This is a place where tradition and tried and tested methods of wine production are still in use. We will taste some of the local wines, and there will always be an opportunity to take some home.

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A tour that offers the opportunity to taste wine and see monsters in the same trip, now that’s unique!

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